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Ad van Unen

Ad van Unen (1957) is a music teacher and conductor in Breda and Delft. He is the artistic leader of the choir Cantabile (laureate of the Dutch Choir Festival 2010), the Stanislascollege school choir & orchestra in Delft, and of project groups Qui Vive and Personare.


Ad graduated from the pedagogic academy in Breda and the Conservatory in Tilburg (where he majored in school music) and went on to obtain a state examination in pipe organ. He conducted Dutch premieres such as the works of Richard Blackford, Richard Einhorn, Mikis Theodorakis, Takis Sideris, Quirijn Calis and Daan Manneke. He furthermore travelled to many places with his different choirs and project groups and performed in Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Greece and China.