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Our Story

In 1997 Ad van Unen (conductor and music teacher) and Annemarie de Groot (French teacher) hit upon the idea to travel to France with a group of people to perform classical music. This idea soon began to take shape as enthusiasts were found and brought together the following year. Project group Qui Vive thus became a fact and in 1998 they headed to France for the first time, hoping for the best. At first the musicians were largely recruited in Delft as many (former) students and teachers of the Stanislascollege, the school where they both taught, became enthusiastic and wanted to join. With two concerts that first year in St. Avertin and in Tours the project became a huge success. Inspired by this success a board was founded and plans were made to make a more professional appearance the following year.

These past few years Qui Vive has been fortunate enough to perform at some extraordinary places such as the beautiful castle in Amboise, the cathedrals of Dijon and Langres, Fontevraud Abby, the Notre-Dame la Grande in Poitiers, and many magnificent churches in Veigné, St. Père-sous-Vézelay, Montreuil-Bellay, Saumur, Blécourt, and Chauvigny. In 2010 Qui Vive went on a special tour through China and gave several concerts in Shanghai.